In 2020, living a “Greener Life” is a priority for many Millennials and Gen Z Citizens. Below we have listed 6 things that you can do today to make your life greener and better for the environment.

1. Recycle as much as you can

A simple one to start off, however is overlooked by many. Most major supermarkets in the UK and United States provide Recycling Collection Points to the General Public. I’m sure we’ve all see these Recycling Collection Points at our local Supermarket, but how many of us have actually used them?

2. Change your Shower Head

By swapping your current shower head for an aerated shower head, you can make a significant difference to energy and water consumption in your household. The specially designed shower heads inject air into the water stream, resulting in less water being used. Brian Horne at the Energy Saving Trust says “A water-efficient shower head could save a four-person household £70 a year on gas for water heating, and a further £115 on water bills if they have a meter.”

3. Practise Eco-Driving

By implementing even the simplest of changes into your car journeys, you can help to not only save the environment, but also your wallet/purse.

Research conducted by RAC Foundation found that regular vehicle maintenance can improve fuel efficiency by up to 10%. The Organisation also advises that drivers check their tyre pressures prior to a long journey. Tyres that are under-inflated by a quarter can cause a 2% increase in fuel consumption.

4. Take more Baths

Historically, baths have been seen as an enemy of the Environment due to the large amount of water that is used to fill a bath. However, research shows that modern showers actually use more water than it takes to fill a bath. Let’s be honest, the majority of us don’t stick to the recommended 3 minute shower.

5. More House Plants

Peace Lilies and Boston Ferns thrive in rooms with increased humidity, this can result in a reduction of mould spores in the air around your home.

Most plants release oxygen during the day (in the presence of natural light) via Photosynthesis.

6. Buy your Food locally

While this may be difficult for some (depending on where you live); the simple fact is that the shorter the supply chain is for food goods, the smaller the negative impact on the environment. Simply by purchasing Food that has been produced within your county can help to reduce pollution caused by the usual food transportation methods, such as Lorries and even Planes.

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    Wow cuz this is great work! Congrats and keep it up.

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