About us


 Small, Stylish, Durable and Compact

Created as a hard-wearing yet stylish alternative to the more standard 'bag for life' options currently available on the market.

Designed in London, UK 

 Why Lobster?

Well... Due to our extremely hard and protective exoskeleton, we are well known for our incredible resilience, durability and longevity, we simply don’t slow down or weaken with age... Given the fact we lobsters are marine born crustaceans, it’s absolutely vital that we inhabit plastic-free and unpolluted saltwater, so therefore consequential environmental factors that have a negative impact on our oceans, are very dear to our lil beating Nephropidae hearts!

As well as the above all very true and interesting facts, and as famously broadcast on episode 2.14 of a highly dependable 1990’s American comedy sitcom, we lobsters demonstrate an immense scale of loyalty, as we make an absolute commitment to our companion  and choose to ‘mate for life’... yes you read that correctly ... We mate for LIFE.

(Well at least according to Phoebe anyway!) 


So therefore our brand name simply just makes SENSE... right?