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Meet the world’s Most Compact Key-Fob Bag Product!

The LobsterBag is a long-lasting, hard-wearing yet stylish alternation to the more standard ‘Bag for Life’ options currently available on the Market.

The Product can carry up to 8.85 Litres of Mass, up to 8KG worth of weight and can be easily packed into the Key-Fob which fits into your pocket!

This makes the LobsterBag perfect for quick trips to the Local Store, carrying your packed Lunch and even storing your Phone, Wallet, Keys and Protein Shake while you’re at the Gym!


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1 review for LobsterBag

  1. JBates

    So far it’s been good. I’m not sure on the durability of the bag, the ring on the bag storage container, and the plastic carabiner and I do wish it was a bit wider, but it is it has been a good product so far.

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